How Well Is Your Building Protected from Moisture?

Water intrusion can be a major expense for any building project. But with us as your Building Success Partner, you’re in good hands.

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Water intrusion can be a major expense, often leading to costly litigation. But you can minimize your risk by trusting the Building Envelope experts at MIS to be the building success partner you can trust.

MIS Joins Salas O'Brien

MIS is excited to announce its merger with Salas O'Brien, effective May 2023. This merger takes our talent, expertise, and service to even greater heights as we continue to partner with our many valued clients. The MIS leadership team will remain unchanged, in keeping with Salas O'Brien's mission to be "local everywhere, with international resources."
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Who We Are

Building Relationships, One Project at a Time

Building Envelope Specialists

As Building Envelope Specialists, we understand the industry and seek to serve you with high quality service by knowledgeable staff in all phases of your building project, from design through completion and more.

Multi-family to Commercial Construction

From multi-family construction to commercial construction, we offer a full spectrum of services, from design consulting and on-site observations to forensic investigation, laboratory and field testing.

Our Mission is to Serve Others Well

We exist to minimize the potential for your project to be derailed by moisture intruding where it doesn't belong. We provide the peace of mind you want, knowing the moisture solution experts are on your team.

World Class Accreditation

We offer a full spectrum of services, from design consulting and on-site observation to forensic investigation and laboratory testing.

We're one of only a few consulting firms with ISO17025, AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association), Miami-Dade, and ABAA (Air Barrier Association of America) certifications. As an extension of ISO9001, the quality assurance standard known throughout the world, the ISO17025 covers quality assurance and quality control for all your calibrated equipment, lab and field testing and associated protocols. This helps minimize problems on the front end and reduces backend problems that could end up costing you a fortune.

We Believe Every Person Matters

We attract the top talent in the industry and develop our own "home grown" talent by intentionally cultivating a culture. We invest in ongoing education and training with MIS University, a unique, rigorous program that educates each of our team members and ensures they achieve valuable credentials as building envelope specialists.

When our consultants are in the field, they go the extra mile and come alongside talented professionals to educate them about building envelope nuances, because we believe every person and project matters, and our entire industry is stronger for it.

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"As a Developer, we really appreciate the expertise and reasonable approach to solutions from cost, practical application, and implementation standpoints."
Chad M. Hagler Partner, Woodfield Investments
"MIS provides our company with a depth of technical knowledge, innovative detail solutions, and a thorough understanding of construction science as it relates to every facet of building water intrusion detailing and building envelope products. I would give MIS the highest recommendation as a building envelope consulting firm."
Gary F. Brock AIA Vice President, Charlan Brock & Associates
"The Dinerstein Companies has worked with Shawn Ferris for nearly a decade across more than 20 projects exceeding $1.5 billion in total development cost, and look forward to a continued relationship with Shawn and Moisture Intrusion Solutions (MIS). MIS adds value to our projects by significantly reducing our risk through thorough design review and inspection protocols, but does so while keeping an eye on efficiency and common sense solutions so as to not unnecessarily inflate the cost of the investments."
Jared Ford Senior Vice President, The Dinerstein Companies

We've Got You Protected

Your construction project comes with a lot of layers, from the design through construction, and we can help protect your project at every step.

Design Services

We begin by offering our expertise during the design phase with our dedicated Pre-Construction team. This team's primary function is the review of drawings and specifications during the design phase of the project, as well as submittals, shop drawings and RFI's once the project is underway. We work with architects to adjust the plans and specifications where needed, making sure they are thoroughly prepared with a focus on moisture intrusion.

Construction Services

Our on-site consultants in the Construction Phase bring hands-on experience, honed from years in the field. We work with you on meeting coordination, mock walls, and do regular site visits as your project progresses, monitoring installs and tracking areas of concern. We provide on-site testing of windows, doors, roofs, and other components related to the building envelope. Our field services are intended to identify and document proper installation, as well as catch issues of concern as early as possible and offer practical solutions quickly in an effort to avoid damage and potential litigation.

Field-Testing Services

MIS follows AAMA - ASTM Testing methods as established standards used to test the capability of windows, curtain wall windows, storefront windows, sliding glass doors, skylights, and more to resist water and air intrusion over a specified time period. As one of only a few consulting firms with an AAMA accredited lab, MIS is AAMA accredited to conduct field testing. This is critical to ensure your testing is conducted properly and with calibrated equipment.

Leak Investigation Services

When you encounter water leakage, we provide quality leak investigation and exploration by knowledgeable staff to locate the source of water intrusion. We use detailed reports and scientific data to develop functional solutions for remediation.

Insurance Services

MIS provides services related to wind, moisture, fire, and hail damage. Our investigations are conducted through accredited field testing backed by our AAMA accredited testing laboratory. The MIS insurance investigation team members meet or exceed industry standards and rely on data-driven results that are ISO Certified and admissible in court.

Lab Services

Our AAMA and ABAA focused testing laboratory is capable of handling needs related to air/moisture barrier Research and Development (R&D), product certification and general troubleshooting. The same is true of our AAMA focused laboratory focused on structural, air and water testing of fenestrations. Our proprietary process, including computerized programming, returns results promptly and efficiently, delivering targeted results with nearly real-time data within 48 hours of product testing in most cases. With this level of detailed, scientific results, you can make targeted changes, thereby minimizing water damage and avoiding costly repairs and litigation.