Our reliability sets us apart.

You can trust MIS to provide you with an unprecedented level of investigative and exploratory services to determine sources of leaks. With our detailed report of findings we provide solutions, detailed drawings, specifications, and installation monitoring.

When conducting forensic or insurance investigations, our team members meet or exceed industry standards, relying on scientific facts and data, not merely opinion.

Our investigation teams leverage their considerable expertise to produce data-driven results that decision-makers can rely on, while our lab team delivers equally reliable product testing results quickly.

Our process includes:

Forensic Testing

We identify the point of entry, and procure diagnostic solutions with detailed findings and photographic evidence to determine the source of the leak. When testing or investigating, this helps to determine the responsible party or parties.

Insurance Claims

For public adjusters or attorneys with concerns related to insurance claims, we provide trusted wind and moisture damage investigation and field testing by our AAMA accredited testing teams. If litigation is unavoidable, our results are ISO Certified and admissible in court.

Expert Witness

With extensive expert witness experience within our team, we can effectively represent general contractors, owners, developers, and subcontractors, assisting you with consultations, deposition, and courtroom testimony.

We are your Exterior Envelope Consultants

MIS provides the Building Owner with Exterior Envelope Consultants that are qualified to assist in maintaining or repairing building envelope components. MIS also acts as an "Independent Owner Representative'' to provide the highest quality reconstruction services available.

Our Reconstruction Division provides multiple services concerning an existing building:

Exterior Envelope Inspection Due to Water Entry
  • Review of construction documents to understand specific envelope components
  • Exterior envelope components inspected: Roofing, Wall systems or cladding, Windows, Doors, Vents, Louvers, Rails, Balconies, Walkways, Garage flooring, and Below grade waterproofing
  • Review of interior damages, determination of water "Point of Entry" and "Path of Travel"
  • Identification of deficiencies and recommendations for repairs
  • Assistance in providing a restoration contractor a clear scope of work
Administrative Oversight and Compliance Inspections
  • Review all AIA applications for payment schedules
  • Monitor contractor's construction schedules
  • Review and approve list of items to be completed and/or corrected
  • Supply certificate of completion as to compliance with scope of work
  • Issue date and/or dates of substantial completion of the work
  • Provide jobsite records and contractor log book at manager's office
  • Receive, review, and approve all required submittals and/or shop drawings
  • Conduct weekly project update meetings with owner representative and contractor
  • Provide oversight of the contractor's conformance to the project manual, scope of work, and specifications
Due Diligence, Condition Surveys, Causation Assessments
  • Limited and full review of original construction/contract documents: Plans, Specifications, Warranty documents, and Manufacturer installation requirements
  • Visual inspection to confirm building was constructed per contract documents
  • Visual exterior envelope condition survey to determine suspect deficient building components and provide estimated repair costs for building turnover
  • Full inspection and documentation of Exterior Envelope Condition Survey to identify and quantify specific building component deficiencies for the purpose of creating a Scope of Work and specifications
  • Causation assessments to aid in insurance claims
  • Expert testimony concerning building deficiencies/construction defects
  • Expert testimony concerning insurance claims
Construction Management - Owner Representative Services
  • Creation of project manual containing scope of work document and specifications by work type and bid document
  • Provide assistance with contractor pre-bid meeting, addendums to bid, evaluation of bid, assistance in qualifying, and selecting your contractor