As a Client of MIS, you can feel confident in the performance of your project, because protection and prevention is the name of our game.

Like an underlying medical condition such as high blood pressure, water intrusion can often go undetected until significant damage takes place. If water gets in, eventually there may be mold or mildew damage, health issues, costly litigation, damage to envelope components, and to your reputation.

Whether you're an architect, owner or developer, general contractor or need a moisture problem solved, we have a solution for you.


Deliver designs you can stand by.

As an architect, how can you be confident you are delivering a top-notch envelope design that will perform properly once constructed according to your plans?

We begin by offering pre-construction design services from our dedicated and experienced team.

We give architects confidence in their designs by coming alongside to review and offer recommendations for enhancing the envelope design in order to minimize risk before construction.

We work closely with architects to adjust plans where needed, making sure they are as waterproof as the building to be built. We take a proactive approach with moisture prevention in mind.

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Owners and Developers

Keep your investment secure.

As an owner or developer, you're not an expert in building envelopes, but you want to know the highest quality assurance measures are being taken to protect your investment.

That's where we come in with our Design and Construction Phase services.

You may hire an architect or a general contractor, and assume they will design and build a waterproof building. But even the best of them aren't experts building envelopes. Plus, they've got a lot of plates to keep spinning.

At MIS, we examine and test components related to the building envelope to keep your project on track and dry to help protect your ROI.

Water intrusion can destroy a project, so it's imperative to protect your investment and reduce your risk along the way.

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General Contractors

Keep projects dry and on track.

MIS works with contractors to protect projects using the highest level testing and quality assurance measures out there with our Construction Phase services.

As a busy general contractor, you bring a wealth of expertise to every project, but you can't be a specialist in every facet of building science.

And let's face it: time is money. Unexpected setbacks and costly mistakes can really take a toll on your bottom line.

With an extra set of eyes and a trusted, fresh perspective on the project, you'll feel confident in what you deliver, knowing every effort has been made to build a building free from unwanted moisture.

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Problem Solvers

Detect and document water leaks.

With some of the highest credentials in the industry, we conduct forensic or insurance investigations based on targeted analytics that meet and exceed industry standards.

MIS also acts as an "Independent Owner Representative'' to ensure that the highest quality reconstruction services are available as part of our Problem-Solving Phase services which include Leak Investigation, Forensic, and Field Testing Services.

MIS provides insurance assessors with unparalleled forensic services and our own state-of-the-art lab facilities to meet a variety of needs, including expert witness, due diligence, and insurance claims.

Our investigation and exploration experts detect and document the points of entry and exit of water leakage to uncover its source, and provide scientific data-driven and courtroom-ready reports.

Let us help you solve your moisture mystery!

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