Ensuring projects go as planned.

MIS walks through our process with building owners, developers, architects, and general contractors from design all the way to construction to deliver peace of mind in the performance of the building envelope.

You need to know the building is being constructed according to the project documents and that the end product will perform properly. That's why it's important to have an extra set of eyes and a fresh perspective on the project.

We understand that the highest monetary risk for new construction is associated with unintended water intrusion. As we review plans and work with the on-site construction team, we are able to help reduce this risk significantly. This can also significantly increase the value of the property at resale and lower the operating costs long term by reducing the risks associated with water intrusion.

We work with you on submittal and shop drawing review, meeting coordination, mock ups, and conduct regular site visits as your project progresses, monitoring installs and tracking areas of concern. We offer on-site testing of windows, doors, roofs, and other components related to the building envelope.

We work with owners/developers, architects and contractors to consult, visually observe, and test the entire building envelope. We specialize in the exterior envelope, including roofing, curtain wall and storefront, windows and doors, sealants, exterior claddings including EIFS, stucco, masonry, fiber cement panel / siding, metal panel, flashing details, amenity / pool deck assemblies, waterproof coatings, and below-grade waterproofing.

Our process includes:

Submittal and Shop Drawing Review

MIS reviews submittals and shop drawings to ensure they meet industry standards and contain required documentation prior to formal submittal to the design professional.

Requests for Information (RFI)

MIS reviews RFI's related to the building envelope with a focus on watertight performance and to ensure the requested information is accurate and comprehensive.

Pre-Installation Meeting Coordination

MIS consultants will participate and help lead pre-installation meetings with the OAC staff and appropriate subcontractors, which provide opportunities to discuss project coordination, manufacturer requirements, installation sequencing, coordination between trades, and scheduling.

Installation Monitoring

We periodically monitor construction of the building envelope, including the various components and trades that all interface, to provide a complete building envelope installation that resists air and water infiltration.

Project Closeout

During closeout, MIS will conduct final observations, including coatings, sealants, claddings, roof systems, flashings, and aesthetics. Our observations are conducted at the point of substantial completion to identify subcontractor warranty items. MIS will also review outstanding Area of Concern (OAC) items with the construction team to ensure they are closed out. This provides documentation valuable to the AOC teams documenting that AOC items have been addressed.

The MIS Closeout Team will complete:

  • An initial observation of the substantially complete project with a focus on the exterior envelope of the building(s), including roofs, balconies, walkways, and common areas.
  • A picture and text report accompanied by a tracking sheet identifying location and areas of concern (AOC).
  • A follow up visit for observation to clear the AOC list.