When you encounter water leakage, we provide a focused, professional investigation and exploration to locate the path of entry and determine the source(s) of entry. We use detailed reports and scientific data to develop functional solutions for remediation.

When conducting our on-site reviews, we don't simply deliver pass / fail results, but offer diagnostic solutions with photographic evidence to identify the point of entry so the source can be identified and the leaks eliminated.

We can utilize infrared equipment and related testing techniques to pinpoint even the smallest leakage or failure, providing you with reports to help you remediate issues before they derail your project.

By making repairs based on detailed, scientific results, you can minimize water damage and avoid costly problems and litigation.

As a Building Envelope Consultant our expertise can establish important data as it relates to the timeline of water intrusion and source of entry.

  • Evidence of Water Intrusion is subjective, especially as it relates to cause. MIS follows AAMA — ASTM Testing methods as established standards.
  • Photographic evidence during a scientific test is admissible in arbitration hearings or legal proceedings.
  • AAMA 511 Window Testing and Visual Assessment of Windows and Sliding Glass Doors provides a complete detailed reporting system of all windows and doors in your building.

Disputes arise when the condition or soundness of everything from roofing, wall assembly, waterproofing, sealants, window and door installation, and other facts of building envelope construction, is called into question. Therefore, it is imperative to use a consulting and testing firm that is well versed in the entire building envelope, even if the focus of the investigation is limited to specific envelope components, such as windows and doors.

Insurance Claims

MIS has expanded into the area of insurance claims to help identify the source or sources of water intrusion and damage. Our visual observations and forensic investigations and testing follow industry standards, including American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) guidelines.

With our help, claims analysis and professional testimony has been used by some of the largest public adjusters and insurance companies in Florida. One of only a couple consulting firms in the nation that is also ISO 17025 AAMA and ABAA accredited, our analysis is being increasingly sought out for insurance claim cases.

Before a claim is made on an insured home or commercial building, it is imperative that professional inspection is performed by a knowledgeable company. When a hurricane or storm damage of any kind occurs, the building should be professionally inspected for damages that can be visually observed with a trained eye, but also those not able to be seen by the naked eye or casual inspection.

When roofs, walls, windows or doors are exposed to increased wind speeds and pressures, even for short periods of time, it creates force on the components and introduces moisture and water leakage into conditions typically not exposed to water intrusion. It can result in forces that the exterior envelope components are not designed to withstand without suffering some level of permanent damage.

An insurance company may propose a settlement based solely on damage to the building envelope components that is visible. However, damage or water entry behind interior finishes, resulting in mold or rot, could remain undetected if not inspected by a professional inspection team, such as MIS' trained consultants. It is imperative to engage a competent firm early in the process, that is trained to focus on signs of damage and water intrusion that may not be evident to an untrained person.

MIS conducts thorough visual inspections of the building envelope, including windows and doors. These inspections are conducted at all elevations in order to determine if different conditions or levels of damage are noted at various elevations. This is followed by water testing of a random sampling of windows and doors at all elevations in order to determine if the performance varies at different elevations.

The information is documented in a comprehensive report that also compares the data collected with the direction and intensity of the storm event. This helps to determine whether the damage and performance of the windows and doors has been impacted by the storm event in question.

Whether the damage to the building is by an “act of God” or other weather event, or as a result of building aging and deterioration, an insurance policy holder must be able to document the damage and often must prove that the damage resulted from a storm event or sudden leak, rather than the damage being from an older unresolved problem.

Allowing a professional inspection team like MIS to:
  • Conduct thorough visual inspections of suspected damage
  • Conduct water testing using calibrated equipment to evaluate the performance of a random sampling of the envelope components
  • Use our combined years of experience and knowledge in the field to interpret the data

This will help ensure that your claim for insurance coverage is technically backed by supported evidence and trustworthy testimony.