When your name is on the line, it's all about prevention.

If you're an architect, developer, owner or contractor, you need to make sure the structure is designed to the highest standards to minimize issues during the build and minimize the risk of long-term damages related to water intrusion. However, you can't be expected to be a specialist in all things building sciences, especially in such a specialized but critical area as the building envelope.

Our expertise has helped identify design challenges during the design phase that have saved millions of dollars in potential damages and protected reputations. Our dedicated team delivers detailed plan reviews and expertise to enhance the overall watertight performance of your project.

MIS works with architects, developers, owners, and contractors to refine plans and specifications to purposefully enhance the long term performance and durability of the building envelope. Our review of the project drawings and specifications focuses on the watertight performance of the entire building envelope, including below grade waterproofing, exterior finishes, roofing systems, and pool/plaza deck waterproofing.

Our experts provide project specific details with plan-view and isometrics, as well as evaluate details and specifications for compliance with industry standards.

We offer fenestration systems analysis, review of the construction documents, including architectural drawings and specifications, and provide preliminary performance criteria for exterior building envelope components.

Analysis You Can Trust

MIS provides this service by assisting architectural firms in the development of building envelope waterproofing details that follow local building practices, industry standards, manufacturer installation guidelines, and manufacturer warranties.

How you close out a project is just as important as how you start.

Document Support Services

The MIS Precon Consulting Team provides a review of your contract documents and assistance in design, from conception to completion.

The review you receive will demonstrate and explain design or constructability issues related to an observed deficiency, and provide design solutions that maintain original design integrity.

Our trained field staff will take your project from there through completion relying on real world experience and deep product knowledge to best assist your team. Our experience comes from our history of field observations, testing and forensic discovery.

The MIS Precon Consulting Team provides:

Conceptual Design Consulting

Our conceptual consulting services allow for expedited design and early detection of issues.

Architectural Document Review

We provide a detailed review of project plans, exterior envelope components, wall sections, and related details with a focus on compatibility, durability, and long-term performance.

Specification Review

The review of project specifications provides recommendations for exterior envelope-related sections focusing on compatibility with interfacing materials and consistency with the drawings.

Submittal Review

MIS reviews technical submittals and shop drawings for CSI divisions 1,4,7,8, and 9, as applicable to the building envelope, for good building practice and general compliance with the specifications.

Contractor Document Review

We review construction documents in preparation for R.F.I. (Request for Information) documents to assist in the response process by providing information that is accurate and comprehensive.